Open Payment and Wirecard CEE

Availability of solutions as open-source software.

Wirecard CEE realizes the idea of a truly open payment. Following this philosophy, Wirecard CEE continuously releases free of charge shop extensions, add-ons, integration examples and solutions for programmers, merchants and integrators on developers’ platforms.

This way, payment solutions are developed together with the community while keeping pace with market trends and business needs. The open-source software is available to all developers who in turn contribute to the improvement of our solutions. 

The community is strongly involved right from the beginning of the development process throughout the entire product life-cycle. By using the feedback gathered from these platforms, the development of our payment solutions is continuously improved and adapted. Integrators benefit from transparent development processes, easy and instant access to our solutions, comprehensive documentation as well as a most up-to-date source code.

The open-source solutions of Wirecard CEE are available free of charge on GitHub

GitHub offers the following advantages: 

  • Automatic notifications when updates are available.
  • Community stays informed and is kept up to date with all the latest news.
  • Developers enjoy sharing their knowledge with others and creating new solutions.
  • Transparent processes for developers