JTL-Shop – The online shop with great functionality

Speeding up processes with the automated warehouse management system JTL-Wawi.

JTL-Shop is available both as free of charge and paid version and offers a broad scope of functions, numerous templates and a large community which is very much committed to the development of the software. 

Online merchants who wish to grow beyond the German speaking market, can choose from more than 20 languages available in the JTL warehouse management system. In “Settings - Languages” it is possible to define categories, descriptions, products and names in different languages. 

Thanks to the plugin system, customizations are easy and quick and additional shop functions can be realized out without having to adapt the code. Plugins help to save time and thanks to regular updates the shop is always up to date.  

Via JTL-Wawi the online shop can be directly connected to the warehouse management system which allows to automate and speed up processes. During data transmission only information is considered that has changed since the last data reconciliation. The background service integrated into the warehouse management system allows for an automated synchronization between online shop and JTL-Wawi. 

The software contains the integrated and modern responsive template „EVO“. Thus, consumers enjoy a great shopping experience no matter which mobile device they use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The shop system comes along with standard tools for search engine optimization. This way, individual page titles, SEO-URLs and keyword-optimized meta descriptions may be assigned. In addition, the mobile template „EVO“, short page load times and a fast cache help to achieve a high Google ranking. 

In short
JTL-Shop is designed to speed up many processes thanks to the directly connected warehouse management system. Furthermore, the shop system offers a modern and responsive template which guarantees a great shopping experience. Thanks to the Wirecard shop plugin, the Wirecard CEE payment solution is integrated quickly and easily.

In brief

  • Advantages
    • Responsive design of shop
    • Video tutorials
    • SEO friendly
    • Open source code starting with version JTL-Shop 4
  • Disadvantages
    • Only compatible with JTL-Wawi
    • The free of charge version only allows to manage a limited number of products.
    • Suited for small and medium sized shops only. For larger shops some important requirements needed to scope with an increased number of products, countries and transactions are missing.  
  • Integration "Wirecard Shop Plugin"

    Thanks to the Wirecard Shop Plugin, the integration of a Wirecard CEE payment solution is quick and easy.


    Consult our Online Guides for more information and integration details.