modified eCommerce – From a small start to a successful finish

Open source version of xt:Commerce.

modified eCommerce is based on the open source software of xt:Commerce and is available both free of charge and with charge. Especially German online shops benefit from this eCommerce platform since privacy statements, a link to the cancelation notice, information on the estimated delivery date and legally compliant texts are supplied with the system. 

The shop system is perfectly suited for small beginners, i.e. merchants who only wish to set up a small or medium-sized shop with a limited product portfolio. The CSS template can be freely customized to suit specific needs. Also, the large and committed community contributes to the fast and continuous improvement and development of the system. 

Product related data can be managed in the Customer Management System (CMS). All the important information is available in a clear overview displaying products, customers and order data. modified eCommerce offers various possibilities for optimum product presentations, voucher and discount schemes as well as detailed evaluations on visits, sales and preferred articles. Language packages and currencies can be added individually and free of charge. With modified eCommerce the way is paved to take your business international. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Tools for Search Engine Optimization are included in the software. Also, keywords and meta descriptions can be provided for individual products and the Google Sitemap can be enabled with just one click of the mouse.

In short
Modified eCommerce is designed for small and medium-sized online shops. Adaptations are made quickly and smoothly based on various free of charge modules. From a small start to a successful finish - this is what modified eCommerce stands for. Thanks to the Wirecard shop plugin, the Wirecard CEE payment solution is integrated quickly and easily. 

In brief