Payment center

Transaction administration interface

  • no installation of any software required
  • purely web-based
  • fundamental component of all products

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Download Certificates

Download portal for production data of your licensed products

  • Certificates for Wirecard Checkout Enterprise (ex QTILL) 
  • Certificates for the Toolkit and the Payment Center

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Wirecard Checkout Terminal (ex QCALL)

Processing of payment details transferred by telephone or in writing

  • Web interface for the processing of payments (payment details) which have been transferred by telephone
  • Can also be implemented for the processing of all other payment information (e.g. additional entries, catalogue orders)
  • Real-time feedback regarding the result of the transaction
  • No installation of software

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Wirecard Checkout Automated (ex QFILE)

Processing of payment data in table form

  • Web interface which payment data is uploaded to in table form and then processed automatically (processing of lists and batches)
  • Perfect replacement for the submission of credit card details by fax or via a terminal
  • Quick feedback regarding the result of the transaction
  • No installation or web programming necessary

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Wirecard Checkout Journal (ex QPAY Journal)

Web interface for analyzing every payment transaction

  • Web interface for analysis all transaction which was carried out in the online shops - regardless of the result of the payment
  • Can be used during the integration process
  • No installation needed 

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