Everything from a single source - technical payment processing & acquiring service

Only one acceptance contract for all payment methods and consolidation of all payment flows to one pay-out account

A payment service provider supplies the technical payment interface which allows your consumers to pay in your online shop. In addition, you need to conclude an acceptance contract for each payment method you offer in your online shop to allow the pay-out of the relevant sales.

Our Collecting Model perfectly combines all of these requirements: one contract and one contact partner for all of your online transactions.

Advantages for merchants

  • Better overview: Only one acceptance contract for the processing of all payments.
  • Everything from a single source: Easier, faster and better control of your payment processes - enjoy the benefit of relying on only one single and qualified partner in Austria.
  • Reduced administrative work: Consolidation of payment flows to only one pay-out account.

We would be pleased to submit you a quotation which is tailored to your specific business model.

Facts: Acquiring & Disagio

  • Acquiring & advantages

    An acquirer is a financial service provider who processes all electronic payment transactions based on credit cards and alternative payment methods for a merchant.

    • Better overview thanks to only one contract concluded with Wirecard Bank instead of having one contract for each payment method.
    • Know-how regarding the entire payment process (online and offline) guarantees expert consulting service.
    • Everything from a single source - better control of your payment processes thanks to only one single and qualified partner in Austria.
  • Discount/disagio

    Percentage which is withheld by the bank when the transactions are paid out to your merchant account.

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