Batch-process written or telephone order payment data

If you receive written orders by phone, fax or post, Wirecard Checkout Automated is the right solution for processing your payment data securely.

Collectc all incoming order and payment data (credit card and bank details for SEPA direct debits) that you received per email, fax, telephone or post in one list (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and process it whenever it is convenient for you.

The batch processing API does not require any software installation. The data upload and download takes place via browser. To do this, you must encrypt the file and transmit it in the appropriate format using the SFTP folder. The payment data is then processed automatically and the encrypted response file with the processed payments is available for download again in the SFTP folder.

This type of payment processing is ideal for recurring payments and subscriptions.

Payment methods
American Express
Diners Club - Discover
Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren

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