Batch-process written or telephone order payment data

If you receive written orders by phone, fax or post, Wirecard Checkout Automated is the right solution for processing your payment data securely.

Combine all incoming order and payment data (credit card and bank details for SEPA direct debits) in a single list (for example, Microsoft Excel), and process at a specified time. Simply upload the file to Checkout Automated's password-protected web interface. The payment data will then be processed automatically and you will receive a list of successfully completed payments in a short passage of time.

This solution is ideal for recurring payments and subscriptions. Checkout Automated runs on any web browser, no software installation required.

Payment methods
American Express
Diners Club - Discover
Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren

Features & Benefits

  • Target group

    With Wirecard Checkout Automated, retailers who receive payment information with orders via fax, phone or post can process large numbers of payments in one step at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly).

  • Payment methods

    Below is a short overview of all payment methods that can be accepted using Wirecard Checkout Terminal:

    Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, SEPA-direct debit

  • Additional features

    Enhance Wirecard Checkout Terminal's functionality by adding the following additional features:

    •    Recurring payments
    •    All currencies
  • Wirecard CEE Payment Centre

    Our Payment Centre is an integral part of all Wirecard CEE products. Payments can be easily monitored and managed and it is designed as a bookkeeping interface.

    Special features:

    • Web interface for managing payments (approvals, cancellations, credits, etc.)
    • No software installation, 100% web-based
    • Username and password-protected access
    • Wide choice of automation configurations

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