Business presence on all mobile channels

The proportion of consumers who are using smartphones and tablets to surf and shop online is steadily rising.

All of Wirecard’s payment solutions are built with responsive design. The checkout process can be completed on any device (desktop, smartphone, and tablet). The screen automatically adapts making sure the content is always displayed perfectly which reflects in convenient usability and high customer satisfaction.


Payment methods
American Express
Diners Club - Discover
Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren

Mobile integration options

  • Online shop based on responsive/adaptive design

    Responsive design online shops convey the same content to desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets via a browser, but it is presented in different ways depending on the device.
    Wirecard CEE's mobile solutions can be integrated easily in these online shops.

  • Mobile HTML5 online apps

    Mobile online apps are solutions specially designed for use on mobile devices, offering the same product range as the online shop on desktop PCs.  They are used via a web browser, and can be accessed directly through search engines.  Mobile online apps feature particularly good usability on all mobile devices and allow for easy integration of Wirecard CEE payment solutions.
    (jQuery mobile, Bootstrap, Sencha Touch, …)

  • Mobile HTML5 online apps in native wrapper

    By using this technology, the shop app can be directly downloaded to smartphone and tablet via the app store. Checkout Page mobile and Checkout Seamless work perfectly in these formats.
    (Phonegap, Sencha Touch, …)

  • Native apps

    A separate shop app is available to download for each mobile technology (operating system), which allows the positive user experience and usability of a native app to be exploited. In addition, all other mobile device functionalities can be used, including Wirecard CEE's mobile payment solutions.
    (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)

  • Cross-platform apps

    Cross-platform apps involve integration of the Wirecard CEE payment solution on a one-time basis, which can then be used in the respective native app generated.
    (Appcelerator Titanium,…)

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